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Battle of the Brains

Hello trivia lovers!


This is your final week to top up your points for place in our upcoming finale!


The tournament finale will take place on Sunday May 15th at 2pm. You will NOT need to make a reservation, the top 18 qualifying teams will have their seats waiting for them!


At 7pm on Friday May 13th, we go live on our Facebook group to announce the top 18 qualifying teams. The top 18 teams will also be listed on both our Facebook group here, and on our Instagram.



You will also be receiving an email on the Friday night after the announcement, asking you to confirm your attendance, and the number of players on your finale team. If you do not reply by midnight on Saturday May 14th, your team will be bumped from the top 18, and we will proceed to the next in line.



You have one more week to top up your scores. Don't forget every time your team shows up to play, you will collect an extra 5 points for your final score! Good luck to all of you!


District Kitchen + Bar 335 Plains Road East, BURLINGTON

(289) 337-9454

BoB Venue List.png

You need to use the exact same TEAM NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS every time you sign into our scoring system so we can keep track of things.

Good luck to all our competitors!

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