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Battle of the Brains 2022

What a great day we had District Kitchen + Bar as we crowned the winners of our Battle of the Brains trivia tournament!

4 top teams, separated by 1 point each, made for the perfect trivial storm, but alas, there can only be 1 champion...

Congratulations to team To Be Determined who would squeeze out team ADP to become the very first champions for our Battle of the Brains annual spring tournament!


Special shout out to teams Belle Curve and team That's Right for taking 3rd and 4th positions.

Thank you to District Kitchen + Bar for being such great hosts today

Thank you Brad and Lara from Private Label Trivia for putting together yet another stellar game for us!

A shout out to Rob Kalmar for co-hosting like a real Trebek, and of course thank you to Ruby the Step Dancing Unicorn for making us all smile


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