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1980's Classic Rock V2

Spotify Link for 1980's Classic Rock V2 Playlist:


How to play ruby HIT BINGO:

1. Download a maximum of 100 Bingo Cards as a PDF document. There are 2 cards per page (8.5 x 11"). Print as many as needed.

2. Download the Spotify Playlist for the corresponding bingo card from the link provided above.

3. Playing the game: The host will play each song until the end of the chorus. Players cross off the song if it is on their card. The middle "ruby" space is free.

4. Once someone hits bingo, they yell out "SWEET CAROLINE!"

5. 3 rounds are suggested per game: Single line, double line, then full card. You can play whatever way you fancy, though!


1980's Classic Rock V2

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