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Family enjoying Karaoke from The ruby entertainment company

Celebrate any special occasion with a karaoke party rental!

Customize your package with your choice of system and music selection

to suit your needs.


Pick up in Hamilton, Ontario.

Base Rental

Base rental package for Karaoke rental

Get the party started with our Base Karaoke Rental Package. This package includes the basics to have your own Karaoke Party.

In this package you will get:

Digital Karaoke Machine

2 legendary Shure SM58 wired microphones

2 microphone stands

Your choice of music from 3 libraries of 2000+ songs each

$100+ hst

Please Note:

To use our digital karaoke machine you will need an RCA Video input on your TV or monitor to view the lyrics (the little yellow plug). If you do not have an RCA video input on your TV, we can rent you a TV. A TV/monitor is NOT included in the base package.

You will also need to hook our digital karaoke machine up to an audio source such as a home stereo system. If you do not have a stereo system, we can rent you audio equipment. 

Please see Additional Add-Ons for pricing.

Choose Your Music

Choose Your Music

Our Karaoke Base Rental includes ONE music library of your choice.

Each library contains a minimum of 2000 songs provided on a USB stick.

You may rent additional music libraries for $20/library.

View the song selections in your library by simply scanning a QR code on your smartphone.

Karaoke libraries available on USB sticks

We have three music libraries to choose from including:

80's & 90's (2000 Hit Songs)

View by Artist

View by Title

2000s & 2010s (2000 Hit Songs)

View by Artist

View by Title

Ultimate Party Mix (2500+ Karaoke Hits)

View by Artist

View by Title

Additional Add-Ons

Additional Add-Ons

QSC K-12 speakers

Sound Option A

One QSC K-12 powered speaker

All necessary cables for Karaoke 

$50+ hst

Behringer sound option - speakers and mixer

Sound Option B

Two Behringer 12" speakers

One Behringer powered mixer

Two speaker stands

All necessary cables for Karaoke 

$100+ hst

TV Monitor rental for karaoke rental

TV Monitor

19" Colour Monitor (to view the lyrics)

$20+ hst

Ready to get started?

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