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This is not going to be your everyday wedding.

It will be a celebration about you. A celebration that will reflect you as a couple.

A celebration with laughter, tears, and dancing.

A celebration where your guests will leave satisfied.

A celebration of your love.

Photo Artist - Deanne MacRae Photography

Donny was so great to work with. He is so accomodating and communicative.

He really listens to what you envision. He was a fantastic Master of Ceremonies, 

and he put together an unforgettable voiceover for my Father & I to dance to that had

the whole wedding in (happy) tears.

So highly recommend!

 Megan Cappella 2018 


Your entertainment choice is one of the most important choices you will make for your wedding celebration.

It is quite often the deciding factor on how late guests will actually stay at your wedding.

Is your entertainment choice a priority?

Photo Artist - Deanne MacRae Photography

We loved Ruby Entertainment for our wedding! A DJ is definitely not something you wish to have a bad experience with, your guests will always remember!

Megan and Justin Eveley 2018

We made an excellent decision hiring Ruby Entertainment and by night's end it was easy to see why they are an award winning service.

Shelby and Lukas Marcoccia 2018


Our approach is to make it easy for you and fun for your guests!

Your wedding celebration should unfold in front of you, like a great theatre show with everything happening behind the scenes. Why not be a guest at your own wedding?

Comprehensive planning and event direction are key to making that happen.

Photo Artist - Moments by Lauren

Christopher and Annie,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making every moment special.

You did a tremendous job with selecting the perfect playlist.

Wedding planning can be a challenge, however under the care of you both we had absolutely no worries. 

All our love xoxoxo

Deanna and Steven Warring 2017


Great audio is an integral component of a wedding ceremony.  Music, vows and readings can fall short for the guests, if they can not hear.

Just as important is the volume, the selection and timing of the music being played at the ceremony. I work closely with our couples to make sure everything is 'just right'.

Photo Artist - Deanne MacRae Photography

Donny made everything so easy to navigate and really took the time to figure out how he could personalize our day. Not only did he do a great job playing music at our wedding, but he ensured we had perfect sound for our ceremony, 

with perfectly timed music.

Kailey Mac 2017


The Grand Entrance should be exactly that. Grand!

Your wedding party needs to shine a little too.

Setting the tone for a celebration right from the start is key to breathing life into a party.

Our fun loving, custom written introductions are expertly seamed with custom song edits to bring the party to life!

Photo Artist: Moments by Lauren

You absolutely nailed our Grand Entrance and Love Story!

Melissa and Aaron Ritchie 2016

We really loved your personalized intros, it was such a special touch.

Karine and Kyle McArthur 2017

Thank you again for all your hard work, the amazing Grand Entrance, our funny

Love Story, the kissing game and so many laughs. You rock!

Rebekah and Joey Caruso 2017


The Love Story is your opportunity to share your story with family and friends.

The Love Story is a unique tale of your journey together.

Your first impression, your first date, your first kiss.

When did you first realize you were head over heels in love?

Did he get down on one knee? Your guests want to know.

Have me share this fun loving tale in a wonderful short story that is sure to be a highlight of your celebration. 

Photo Artist: Trevor Verduyn

We couldn't thank you enough for helping us live out our vision for an amazing wedding celebration. Your details in our Love Story were as if you have known us since day 1! Guests are still commenting it's one of the best weddings they have ever attended!

Carlyn and Shane Kennedy 2017

...we especially loved the unique introductions and Love Story you worked so hard on! The personal touches you added made our day uniquely ours and we will always look back on the day remembering them.

Olivia and DJ Linkert 2014


Surprise a loved one with one of our powerful signature voiceover edits.

Just when your guests think that they have seen it all at a wedding before, one of our custom voiceover edits will be something they will not soon forget.

Photo Artist - Ballad Photography

Surprise Father Voiceover - LOVE WEDDINGS
00:00 / 00:00

Audio Editing: Moments in Music

It has been many years since I have seen my father cry. Well I sure got him this time!

When you first told me your idea of recording my voice into a song to surprise my Dad on my wedding day I just knew I had to do it. He is still talking about it weeks later!

Sarah Ferguson 2017


The soundtrack on your wedding day is one of the most important factors to consider.

Song selection, the timing of those songs and the volume they are played at will all leave a lasting impression with your guests.

I have vast knowledge and experience programming wedding music.

I also love to partner and collaborate on music with all of our couples to ensure the best possible outcome on your wedding day!

Photo Artist - Deanne MacRae Photography

Everyone loved the music selection and variety, and it was evident from the number of people consistently dancing all night long! From the younger crowd to the older crowd, Donny did an excellent job keeping the dance floor a happening place.

Lindsay and Curtis Hayes 2016

Thank you for keeping the party going into the night! You did such a great job playing to our specifications and tastes in music. You also played a perfect combo of slow songs, upbeat songs and music and appealed to all ages. We received so many compliments on your work!

Nancy and Cody Craig 2016



Photo Artist - Moments by Lauren

Donny took the time to get to know us, and our music style so on the big day it all fell into place. He is a professional, organized, and efficient. When we attended our blueprint meeting, it became obvious that he knew exactly how to DJ a wedding. The timing of everything on the wedding day was seamless. I highly recommend Donny and his crew!

Michelle and Allistair Sweetzer 2018

Thank you for making our wedding a night we will never forget!  You talent as an MC and DJ is astounding. We were so pleased with the ceremony and reception.

Ryan, Amber and Hayden


Have your choice of this beautiful white booth or our brand new live edge mixing station.